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배주은쌤의 토플배경지식
학원명 : YBM 강남

게시일 : 2019.11.13

[강남YBM 토플] 배주은쌤의 토플배경지식 – 현대사진작가1



여러분 안녕하세요~^^

지난번에 수업시간에 했었던 20세기 사진작가 두명, 웨스턴과 아담스에 대해 알아볼게요!!!

먼저 Edward Weston! (영어라고 막 넘기지 말고 읽어보세요 여러분! 우리가 들었던 거랑 80% 유사합니다^^)


미국의 사진작가. 사진계의 피카소라고 불릴 만큼 근대 사진계에 끼친 영향이 큰 인물이라네요. 1937년 사진작가로는 처음으로 구겐하임상을 수상한 웨스턴님을 알아봅시다!

Edward Henry Weston was born March 24, 1886, in Highland Park, Illinois. He began photographing at the age of sixteen after receiving a Bull’s Eye #2 camera from his father. Weston’s first photographs captured the parks of Chicago and his aunt’s farm. In 1906, following the publication of his first photograph in Camera and Darkroom, Weston moved to California.


In 1922 Weston visited the ARMCO Steel Plant in Middletown, Ohio. The photographs taken here marked a turning point in Weston’s career. During this period, Weston renounced his Pictorialism style with a new emphasis on abstract form and sharper resolution of detail. The industrial photographs were true straight images: unpretentious, and true to reality. Weston later wrote, The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh.


Weston became the first photographer to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship for experimental work in 1936. Following the receipt of this fellowship Weston spent the next two years taking photographs in the West and Southwest United States with assistant and future wife Charis Wilson.


Weston began experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in 1946 and in 1948 shot his last photograph of Point Lobos. In 1946 the Museum of Modern Art, New York featured a major retrospective of 300 prints of Weston’s work. Over the next 10 years of progressively incapacitating illness, Weston supervised the printing of his prints by his sons, Brett and Cole.


Edward Weston died on January 1, 1958 at his home, Wildcat Hill, in Carmel, California. Weston's ashes were scattered into the Pacific Ocean at Pebbly Beach at Point Lobos.


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