불라방 자세히보기(새창)


To start with, attending the class with JUNE and EDDIE teachers who are in Kangnam YBM TOEFL is a great way for me to broaden perspective and learn many life lesson.
This is atttributed to the fact that it offers opportunities for me to have a balanced viewpoint, get up-to-date knowledge and have building a strong character.
In addition, I would like to expand and widen my intellectual horizons through getting an opportunities to participate Kangnam YBM TOEFL, which makes me thinks differently about multiple things.
Therefore, I'm able to study TOEFL, I can learn common sense and communicate with teachers.
From my experience, while studying TOEFL, I have been exposed to some information and thus acquired knowledge about TOEFL through attend to lecture.
The problem of this is that most of the information I have obtained are conveyed from certain types of even one source's particular viewpoint with study alone at home or library, which is restricting myself within narrow limits on the world.
However, studying with teachers at Gangnam TOEFL is effective for me to learn about many different viewpoints and keep the balanced way of thinking through it.
Through such lessons, I was able to become holistic beings and judge right from wrong, especially when I am in my developing stages.
If I study without the help of, I would have had biased and slanted view of the way of thinking.
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