불라방 자세히보기(새창)


영어 기초가 너무 부족해서 영어로는 입도 뻥긋 못하던 제가 케쌤의 입문반 2달 과정을 졸업하고 다음달부터는 초중급반 수업을 듣게 되었네요.

여전히 부족한 실력이지만 영어를 배웠으니 영어로 수업후기를 남겨볼게요.

2달전까진 영어의 기초도 없었다는걸 감안해주세요 :)

I’m a common salaryman who gave up English despite studying English for a long time.

But I have changed since Kevin gave me the manual about how to make English.

As a result, I can express myself in English slightly what I think.

I can’t still believe it because I learned English from Kevin only for 2 months.

If you want to speak English, just you have to follow Kevin.

He makes you speak English.
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