실전 5분 토익

실전과 동일한 환경의 실전 모의테스트로 시험 감각을 키워보세요.

오늘은 Part 5를 풀어볼까요?

등록일 : 2019-07-30

1. The cartridge in this printer is out of ink so Joe took it to Gelford Computers down the street to have it        .

  • (A) refill
  • (B) refilled
  • (C) was refilled
  • (D) refilling

2. After several rain delays, repairs to the roof of the Lancaster Sports Stadium are         complete.

  • (A) regularly
  • (B) highly
  • (C) usually
  • (D) nearly

3. To stay in shape, Mr. Tao goes hiking on Mount Campbell every         morning between 6:00 A.M. and 7:30 A.M.

  • (A) another
  • (B) each
  • (C) other
  • (D) the other