실전 5분 토익

실전과 동일한 환경의 실전 모의테스트로 시험 감각을 키워보세요.

오늘은 Part 5를 풀어볼까요?

등록일 : 2019-07-25

1. There is an article in this issue of the Wilbur Regional Journal of Medicine on the         of flu vaccinations for adults.

  • (A) effectiveness
  • (B) effective
  • (C) most effectively
  • (D) more effectively

2. Our network’s ratings have risen dramatically         two months ago when we first began broadcasting educational shows.

  • (A) since
  • (B) along
  • (C) onto
  • (D) beside

3. Mr. Choi is away on business today, but Linda promised to talk to         about our financial concerns tomorrow.

  • (A) himself
  • (B) he
  • (C) his
  • (D) him