실전 5분 토익

실전과 동일한 환경의 실전 모의테스트로 시험 감각을 키워보세요.

오늘은 Part 5를 풀어볼까요?

등록일 : 2019-07-18

1. Only two people applied for the         of creative director at Carleson Advertising on Jameson Avenue.

  • (A) position
  • (B) positional
  • (C) positioned
  • (D) positioning

2. Melbourne Picture Pro is a less         alternative to well-known image software programs.

  • (A) expensive
  • (B) assumed
  • (C) wide
  • (D) built

3. Betrice Jenkins from the Glazer Magazine sent me an e-mail         if she could interview our new CEO, Anev Antonia.

  • (A) ask
  • (B) asks
  • (C) asking
  • (D) asked