[건대 원어민회화] 원어민 강사소개 이미지

[건대 원어민회화] 원어민 강사


Tom Wait(UK)
-The Open University – BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics
-University of Wolverhampton – BA Photography and Film Studies
-TEFL Certification

Scott Johnson(Canada)
-Brock University, - Canada College degree in Film and BA History

Marquita Williams(USA)
-The University of Vermont, Burlington – BSc Animal Science
-TEFL Certification

Teaching Experience

The best way to learn a language is to practice those all-important conversation and listening skills
and remember no discussion question is a bad a discussion question

Tom Wait(UK)
-YBM Bemeo, Daegu - instructor
-YBM Gangnam – daero - instructor
-Intercom – Madrid, Spain – After school teacher for children and adults
-Gyeongsangbukdo Educations Research Institute – Andong, Korea – webcam teacher for children and adults

Scott Johnson(Canada)
-Teaching adults: 2014-2018 – BCM Cheonju and Kondae
-Teaching children and adults in Korea: 2005 ~ 2010

Marquita Williams(USA)
-2015 ~ 2017 teaching Kindergarten and Elementary school children – Korea
-Educator for the Philadelphia Zoo

Teaching Methods

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